1 Day National Seminar on Formwork and Scaffolding


Formwork & Scaffolding (F&S) are amongst the most critical construction elements in the buildings, infrastructure and most types of projects. In post construction as well, scaffolding continues to play vital role to access various parts of a project at varying distances and heights. Formwork is a temporary or permanent mould created to mould concrete to desired geometry, dimension and stability. It can be reckoned as the one single major element of construction process which defines the shape and size of a building or any Construction element by ensuring that concrete achieves the desired end-result. With rapid strides in technology and humongous demands from rapidly changing industry scenario, aspects of Safety, Speed, Economy, Quality, Quick-turnaround, Availability and environment-friendly features have all converged to demand better types and systems of F&S.

INSTRUCT, continuing its endeavour of bringing the latest developments for the benefit of professionals in the Construction & Infrastructure Industry, is organising this 2-day Seminar to enhance the knowledge and application skill-set of practising professionals in the Construction & Infrastructure Industry with respect to various types of Formwork & Scaffolding and helping them to understand various nuances such as Selection, Installation, Use, Dismantling, Storage, Life-cycle analysis, Quality Standards (viz., IS-14687) & Specifications of the F&S. It is hoped that a large number of professionals will make use of this valuable opportunity to update and upgrade their knowledge with respect to Formwork & Scaffolding.

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As part of INSTRUCT’S continuing endeavour, to appraise and refresh the knowledge of Formwork & Scaffolding amongst practising Civil Engineers, Consultants, Manufacturers, Service Representatives, Clients, Academicians, R&D Establishments, Civil Engineering Students, Policy/Decision makers and all those connected to the Construction and Infrastructure sector; Articulate and discuss various challenges being faced and probable solutions thereof ; Exchange experiences and ideas of professionals who have used various types of F&S systems in diverse types of projects such as Roads, Grade- separators, Buildings, Factory/Industrial sheds, Pre-cast, Manufactured elements, Infrastructure projects & Special Projects and articulate on best practices and way forward.

Topics Intended :

1. Various types and systems of Formwork & Scaffolding
2. Selection of right F&S to specific requirement
3. Evaluating available Options
4. Structural Stability Analysis and Design of Formwork &
5. Codal Provisions
6. Health, Safety & Environment related to F&S
7. Quality checks on F&S systems
8. Handling & Stacking on-site
9. Best Practices
10. Installation; common Do’s & Dont’s Pre
11. Pre-check before loading of F&S
12. Method of loading the Formwork system
13. Striking Sequence
14. Stacking, common errors
15. Maintenance and Re-use
16. Factors influencing cost & time
17. Innovation in Formwork & Scaffoldings