Instruct India


The institute was formed during the year 1989 in the name of CENTRE FOR AWARENESS IN CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING (CACE). The office was located at Karnataka State Contractors Association Building, Basavangudi, Near K R Road, Bangalore. 

From October 1989 to October 1993 the institute was successfully conducted 40 training programmes which were well recognised in the construction fraternity. Then after the predecessors, likeminded and dedicated professionals have decided to make the institute more effectual and self driven for empowering India’s construction workforce.

During the year 1993 in the December month, it was registered as REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH (RICMAR). The institute has been shifted to UVCE Alumni Association Indian Concrete Institute Bangalore. The institute was registered as Trust under Societies Registration Act 1960.

Vision & Mission


INSTRUCT would be a premier Institute imparting Quality Education to Construction Industry at Lowest Cost of Delivery.


INSTRUCT should be the Platform to ensure Knowledge sharing in Construction Industry so that our country benefits by best practices from around the world. Perpetual improvement in employability of individuals in the Industry.


  • To promote education training professionalism and skill formation at all levels of the civil construction and other allied industry.
  • To build confidence, refresh and hone the skills of practicing engineers INSTRUCT is conducting technical programme like                         

                     1. Practical RCC Design and Detailing

                    2. Practical Design and construction of Steel Structures

                    3. Quantity Surveying, Estimation and Costing, Etc.

  • To disseminate knowledge through training programmes seminars, symposiums, workshops, Conferences, lectures publications and other means, knowledge concerning all matters.
  • To Undertake training of personnel involved in rural development, rural infrastructure, public health and integrated rural area development and also take up surveys (socio-economic as well as engineering) research feasibility studies etc. related to construction projects.
  • To continuously evolve educational and training software, publish study materials and other training literature
  • To undertake pilot projects, demonstration projects in urban and rural environmental and infrastructure areas with a view to develop trained managerial, engineering and tradesmen code for the implementation of the projects.
  • To promote management and professional training in construction and development related areas in collaboration with national and international agencies, Govt. organizations.

Core Values of INSTRUCT

  • Promote Integrity
  • Respect for Individuals
  • Meritocracy within INSTRUCT
  • Encourage sense of Inquiry
  • Continuous improvement
  • Employability of a Person

Guide Posts for Designing the Training Programmes for Sustainability

  • Teacher Validation
  • Pedagogy
  • Research of Materials for Authenticity to provide value for money